Instructor/Contact Info:
I am Francisco Javier Marquez, PhD, your course instructor. The best way to ask a question or find an answer is to go directly to the         On the other hand for personal matters, you can email me at 'drquijote' at my gmail account. Calling my office or emailing me at the district email address is usually not a good way to contact me, as I rarely check these.
TextBook & Required Materials
No textbook needed, Mathhands is all that is needed, and it is free. As far as other materials, you need access to a computer [w firefox or safari browsers], printing supplies, internet [broadband], and maybe a calculator.
What is "partly online"?
In this case, it means that lectures, hw, and quizzes are done online, and the 3 midterms [2 midterms and a final] are done on campus. the times are not known until I reserve a room which is usually done during the first couple weeks of the semester.
A little different
I believe learning the mechanics of a solution to a problem is not really learning much at all. I believe the true glory is in UNDERSTANDING and owning ideas. The sort of 'understanding' and the sort of 'ideas' that will put a little swagger in your walk, that is what we are after in this class. As a result, most students will find my approach a little 'different' at times. I think that is a good thing, but of course I am a little biased. If you are not very interested in 'understanding', 'learning', 'swagger' or any of these crazy ideas then you should take such matters into consideration before taking this class. There are many other excellent classes that you could choose instead, where emphasis is in the mechanics of a problem, and the problems can be solved with very little or absolutely no 'understanding'. Then again, if you have never understood much math, you may not know if you are into 'understanding'. There are only two kinds of people, those who love to understand, and those who do not love to understand 'yet'!
Adding/Crashing The Course
If this course if closed and you meet the requirements and would like to add it, you may. At the start of the semester, email me and I will send you and add code. One of the many benefits of the [almost] online class is that there is virtually unlimited space. For on-campus courses, space may be limited to physical seats available in our lecture classroom. For on-campus courses, I allow anyone we have room for, in order per waiting list. Again, for online classes, if you meet the requirements and you want in, you're in! email me at start of semester.
Course Description & Objectives
Application and Registration Information
1. Complete Online Application (for new SDCCD students). Go to Student Web Services
2. Receive registration appointment and instructions by email or mail.
3. Register online at the Reg-e, our online registration system.
4. Make sure that you pay your tuition so that you don't lose your registration!
5. After completion of registration on Reg-e, and several days prior to the start of the semester, you will receive an email with course login instructions. If you don't receive an email please go to and login on the first day of class as follows:
Type your Username = 7-digit College Student Identification (CSID) number
Type your Password = mmddyyyy (your birthdate with no hyphens, slashes, or spaces)
For example: 1010101 (CSID number used at registration)
06231980 (password for the birthdate June 23, 1980 )
If this course is closed, please email me at start of the semester. I will add anyone who meets the requirements, and wants to get in. You will not be able to login to your online course until the first day of the semester!!! You must login to your online course on the first day of the session to avoid your enrollment being dropped. Follow the login instructions at