a mathhands course
WELCOME FALL 2012 STUDENTS----> one more time.. in case you are new to the course.. here are some basics.. for sure you need to do the lectures, hw, self quizzes, one daabz stax, and one quiz due by sunday... if you need a little more details watch this video :-) and post questinos on the forum

ch1: Solving Equations
the hands: a brief intro
degree one
degree two
degree three+
rational equations
solving inequalitites
equations w/absolute values
equations w/radicals

ch2: common functions
Language of Functions
Percentages Intro
Log Functions
Log Properties
Log Equations

ch3: Solving Systems of Equations
by graphing
by substitution
by elimination
matrices p1
matrices p2
cramers rule
elementary row operations

ch4: sequences and series
more on sequences
series properties
gauss series
second degree series

trig in pre-calc: chapter 1: basic geometry, angles, and triangles
what is trig?
introduction to angles
introduction to circles
the secret
30-60 theorem
45-45 theorem & almost triangles
chapter 1 summary

chapter 2: the trigonometric functions
ratio nirvana
inverse functions
mission accomplished
reference triangle
the rest of the functions
the rest of the inverser functions
chapter 2 summary
chapter 3 summary

chapter 4. introduction to trig identities
some observations
identities: intro
identities: definition & cofunctions
idenitites: even & odd
idenitites: pythagoras
idenitites: review
denitites: the mother of them all
idenitites: double angle
idenitites: prod-2-sums & sums-2-products
chapter 4 summary

chapter 5. trig eqs and the laws
solving the easy equations
almost easy ones
solving other
law of cosines
law of sines
chapter 5 summary

chapter 6 misc. topics
polar graph blank paper
converting points from and to polar
polar graphs
converting equations from and to polar
complex numbers
complex numbers part ii
converting complex numbers from and to euler form
eulers identity
vectors: introduction
vectors: dot product
chapter 6 summary