Number of Exams
There are three exams for the course. Two midterms and a comprehensive final. They are all wighted the same way. Your exam scores constitute 50% of your overall class grade. Your quiz scores will make up the other 50% of your score.
Is the Final Comprehensive?
yes, it is.. moreover, it's a great opportunituy to review the whole course from a "big-picture" panoramic perspective.
What to expect
I usually draw 5 questions at random form a test bank which is the same test bank as the homework. Then I draw 2 quesitons from and 'nicer' test bank, this one is from famous theorems, or famous problems, or just nicer problems. The test is always one page, 5 problems on the front, two in the back, each worth 10 pts, and 30 free pts for a total 100 points. partial credit is possible if you have partially good ideas.. or enough partially good ideas..
Can't come to the test date?
Inevitablbly, there will be emergencies or cricumstances where you can not make it to the test.. If that is the case try to make it to one of the test dates for one of my other classes. If you can not make those either, for example you have to leave the country, or you are sick in the hospital, or a familiy member dies, or any other serious life emergency, then you can drop that test. The option to drop one test is precicely for life emergencies. Please dont ask to make up a test because you have a life emercency and you dont want to drop that one because you already did bad on another exam. Exams are not meant to be dropped because you did bad on them... They are meant to be dropped in case you have a life emercency and can not make it to the exam. On the other hand, if your life goes well throughout the semester, and no life mergencies occur, then you can drop the lowest score.
Can we have a practice test?
I have mixed feelings about these. On the one hand, if the practice test is just like the real exam, then it diminishes meaning of the exam. On the other hand, if it's too different, then it might not be that helpful. Still maybe somewhere between too similar and too different there may be something helpful. So occacionally you will see here links to old 'practice' exams, with no implications made as to how similar they will be or not be to the real exams. Generally better to understand all the homework and famous theorems/famous ideas.
What to bring
Bring a calculator, the mathhands chapter summary sheests and scratch paper. Online students must bring a valid id, place it on your desk while taking the exam, and then show it to me upon turning in the exam.
Date and Times
For on-campus lecture classes we will follow the tentative schedule on the syllabus. Click on the syllabus icon above for more info.
OnLine Students
For OnLine classes we will have times available as soon as I reserve a room from Mesa College Facilities. Once, rooms are reserved you will see them here. If you can not make it to the exam date and time, you may go to any of the alternative dates and times.
exam 1: Thu 3/3/2011 MESA K211 3:55 PM to 5:20 PM
exam 2: Thu 4/7/2011 MESA K211 3:55 PM to 5:20 PM
exam 3: Thu 5/19/2011 MESA K211 3:55 PM to 5:20 PM