a mathhands course
WELCOME FALL 2012 STUDENTS----> one more time.. in case you are new to the course.. here are some basics.. for sure you need to do the lectures, hw, self quizzes, one daabz stax, and one quiz due by sunday... if you need a little more details watch this video :-) and post questinos on the forum

ch1: motivations and limits
the hands: a brief intro
the two questions
too big, too bold
new numbers, new arithmetic
limits at infinity by pim and em
limits at infinity by graph & rw
two-sided limits
limits defined
limits properties
intro continuous
big deal on continuous functions
chapter summary

ch2: derivatives
making of tangent slopes
the derivative
derivative properties
derivative properties ii
the implicit derivative
derivatives of higher order
chapter 1 & 2 summary

ch3: derivatives: good for...
a fifth approach to limits
linear approximations
curve sketching first order
curve sketching second order
here's to sir newton
related rates
mean value theorem
chapter 3 summary

ch4: the question of areas
sum refresher
sum other refresher
the limit still king, still timeless
the integral notation
dethrone the king, w sheer beauty
basic integrals
chapter 4 summary

ch5: integrals
basic integrals (review, redo again)
trig integrals
trig subs
bp [next semester, in calc II]
pfd [next semester, in calc II]
simpson & trapezoids [on your own, or wait may post something]
chapter 5 summary
chapter 5 review workout

ch6: integrals: good for....
more areas
center of mass
work, force
volumes, slices
volumes, shells
surface areas
diff e q's
chapter 6 summary